Digital Madrid XI | Thomas Stokes III
Title: Triptych Description: This is my first time doing a triptych and like with any triptych I wanted each canvas to visually connect with the one next to it. With these it was done mostly with gestural lines, shapes and the body motion of each of the three figures. The inspiration from these came from some of my paintings from last year (in the same/similar style). It had been a few months since I made works similar to those (due to what I’ll call a “creative stump”), so I saw this as a good opportunity and push to do that. With the triptych, one of my intents was to bring the viewer’s eyes in an “up, down, up” movement as they view the three paintings from side to side and back again. The two outer paintings can also function as a diptych when put side by side as they connect,…Continue Reading