Hearing Visuals | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Form Neue Description: As graphic design continues to grow, the importance of typography, as it often does, has taken a backseat. This set focuses on showing how Type can be explored as a form of expression through experimentation. The 3 pieces presented, titled ‘FORM NEUE’ ( New Form ), explore the way Type can be transformed to become something more graphic and unique. The glyphs are designed to mimic the color, contour and overall style of the car they are placed with. Through iteration and manipulation, the glyphs add a new depth to each composition allowing the viewer to immerse themselves into each piece and see every detail that relates to the overall concept. I – BMW The E25 Turbo concept car was built by BMW as a celebration for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. It was designed by Paul Bracq, with gullwing doors and was based on…Continue Reading