Digital Madrid XI | Surekha Shrestha
Title: Untitled Description: N/A Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Connect with us:
Digital Madrid XI | Hannanymous
Title: N/A Description: BTS images from Pop Smoke and Lil Tjay’s War video shoot. Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Hannanymous Connect with us:
Digital Madrid XI | Reilly Stasienko
Title: Beast Description: Exploring the concept of the Beast. Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Connect with us:
Digital Madrid XI | Meadow Perry
Title: Grey Description: Women are my favorite subject matter and I strive to capture the power and unconditional beauty that we hold through my art. I have seen many artworks portray us simply as objects when it is in my best interest to capture the opposite. We are real beings and I want this to be seen prevalent in my work as a female artist.  One of the most distinguishable factors about my art is how freely my style flows. I have picked up this way of drawing by studying artists over the years who use this method such as Eliza Ivanova and Yoji Shinkawa. As far as painting goes Gustav Klimt and Van Gogh are two of my biggest inspirations as painters. I often try to replicate the renaissance art style within my work as well as I have fallen in love with paintings such as “The Birth of…Continue Reading
Digital Madrid XI | Cristina Cebrecos
Title: N/A Description: Three unnamed paintings. Oil on fiberboard panels. Additionally, some acrylic, glue and old clothes. The making of these three paintings was a process. It was an awkward process in which I found myself questioning several aspects of my life. My palette was limited to five warm colors: burnt amber, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow, cadmium red and bright red. When I paint, I process stuff. Like my palette, the information that cycles through me is limited. Some topics that influenced me during the process were: my family’s expectations, my destiny (if one even exists), the limitations of art and, finally, being free. The meaning of freedom and how to achieve it was like a nagging pain, I couldn’t get it off my head and it hurt. I don’t particularly believe in conclusions, but I did learn that my way of accessing freedom is to paint.  Social Media: Instagram…Continue Reading
Digital Madrid XI | Aden Forshey
Title: N/A Description: N/A Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Connect with us:
Digital Madrid XI | KaCeyKal!
Title: Calm Before The Storm Description: A series of freehand sketches created in hopes of beings the blueprints to painted pieces. Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Connect with us:
Digital Madrid XI | Thomas Stokes III
Title: Triptych Description: This is my first time doing a triptych and like with any triptych I wanted each canvas to visually connect with the one next to it. With these it was done mostly with gestural lines, shapes and the body motion of each of the three figures. The inspiration from these came from some of my paintings from last year (in the same/similar style). It had been a few months since I made works similar to those (due to what I’ll call a “creative stump”), so I saw this as a good opportunity and push to do that. With the triptych, one of my intents was to bring the viewer’s eyes in an “up, down, up” movement as they view the three paintings from side to side and back again. The two outer paintings can also function as a diptych when put side by side as they connect,…Continue Reading
Digital Madrid XI | Nabil Miftahi
Title: Moral Marketing Description: The name of this set is “Moral Marketing”; each piece is a mock ad for an ideology, in this case we have “Empathy, Humbleness, & Kindness”. I always found it interesting how ads can evoke a emotion or feeling, and these all are made in the hope that the viewer will not forget these important ideas. They’re all done in a vintage sort of style because the ideologies that i chose to showcase are age old concepts Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Connect with us: