Anton Woll Söder | Digital Madrid 10
Title: des·o·lated Description: des·o·late Adjective (of a place) deserted of people and in a state of bleak and dismal emptiness. “With desolate I wanted capture the essence of time and space, with the shapes evolving with time adapting to the environment surrounding them.” Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Connect with us:
Kumasi Barnett | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Martyrs Description: Character designs (For a new Afro-futurist/Alternative story)2019 Social Media: Instagram Website: Connect with us:
Logan Hall | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Spectrum Description: I began making these pieces with the intent of release. I had a desire to combine emotions with the environment in a way that wasn’t fully attached to either of the two; the “inner” or the “outer”. Through detail, color temperature or contrast, each piece communicates a shift between both ends of the page; a spectrum of sorts. In many ways this spectrum is a representation of my current mental state, showing how thoughts can imitate that which is basically two sides of the same coin. I like to compare my drawing process with nature. Mountains, plants, animals, trees, shadows etc. there isn’t anything planned about them, every angle and shape flows with another effortlessly. Everything we lay eyes on is showing us something and I think it’s important that we stop every now and again and just marvel; take it all in in whatever way feels…Continue Reading
Doug Ansine | Digital Madrid 10
Title: NUCLEAR/console® Description: A conceptually driven project that uses the nostalgia of the original Playstation 1 as its primary focus.  This passion project hopes to evoke in the viewer how things used to be back in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s. Back to when the memory card was life, and you had to take it over your friends house just to show them what level you’d gotten to and what cool thing you unlocked. Or how some may have had that one special video game that became too scratched up to play anymore. I wanted to bring that feeling back to people who’ve been around long enough to had experienced that era of gaming, and at the same time, bring some new creative energy to something so many are still connected to till this day.  Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Connect with us:
ShermySZN | Digital Madrid 10
Title: The Cycle Description: December 18th, 2018 – Los Angeles Lakers at Brooklyn Nets // Final Score: 115 – 110 (Brooklyn Nets Win) Though the Lakers lost, LeBron James recorded 36 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists while shooting 13 of 23. These images take us through a cycle that goes from strategizing, executing, climax and clarity. A cycle that resonates in many different aspects of our daily lives, making this set more relatable. Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Connect with us:
Mina Elise | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Lovers Reimagined Description: Many elements of love were missing when I looked for classical romanticized paintings of lovers, black love, brown love, queer love. So I sought out what that love might look like to me as I recreated some of these beautiful pieces. Thinking of Them – watercolor, ink and colored pencil. Inspired by Frida Kahlo. Couple With Their Heads Full of Clouds – watercolor, ink and colored pencil. Inspired by Salvador Dali. The Kiss – watercolor, ink and colored pencil. Inspired by Gustav Klimt. Social Media: Instagram Website: Connect with us:
Surekha Shrestha | Digital Madrid 10
Title: N/A Description: This set is an exploration of the human body from the inside out focused on the process of healing, transforming, and evolving through the power of the mind.  Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Connect with us:
Cristina Cebrecos | Digital Madrid 10
Title: N/A Description: This series follows the narrative of four portraits drawn with graphite on fibreboard panels. The background gets darker and the expressions change along with it until violent red bursts out from the absence of real color. Nature plays an important role, as well as the complexities of the human mind. Man and nature, nature as simple and comprehensive and man as a metaphorical knot that cannot be untied, an eternal mystery to himself. The range of emotions, narrowed down to four, but in reality much more complex than they seem, when analyzing each artwork on its own.  The process is an emotional one, wherein I let myself dive head first into the trace of pencil on wood and immerse myself fully on the flow of the piece. Aggressive lines coexist with peaceful and tranquil ones. When I am “satisfied” with the product, I distort it digitally to…Continue Reading
Andrew Archer | Digital Madrid 10
Title: N/A Description: The Seed – The centrepiece of the game, the ball itself – It moves freely and flourishes in any and all surroundings., inviting people and life into the community at every street-corner. Midnight Geisha – A geisha finishes up her training session just after midnight at the gym and gracefully moves between the shoji screens. The Shogun ; Edo Nights – Every great shogunate can easily crumble under the pressure and conflict caused within the Imperial Edo Ball association. Like Japan’s capital moved from Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo) in 1868, @kingjames also moved his shogunate from Cleveland to Los Angeles on July 10, 2018 in search of greater lands and warlords to conqueror. Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Connect with us:
Hearing Visuals | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Form Neue Description: As graphic design continues to grow, the importance of typography, as it often does, has taken a backseat. This set focuses on showing how Type can be explored as a form of expression through experimentation. The 3 pieces presented, titled ‘FORM NEUE’ ( New Form ), explore the way Type can be transformed to become something more graphic and unique. The glyphs are designed to mimic the color, contour and overall style of the car they are placed with. Through iteration and manipulation, the glyphs add a new depth to each composition allowing the viewer to immerse themselves into each piece and see every detail that relates to the overall concept. I – BMW The E25 Turbo concept car was built by BMW as a celebration for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich. It was designed by Paul Bracq, with gullwing doors and was based on…Continue Reading
Mr.Coopa | Digital Madrid 10
Title: KAMASHOETRA Description: “Kamashoetra” is a play on the kamasutra and how the satisfaction from sex,etc is comparable to the way sneaker culture is today. People will do anything to get their hands on a sneaker they like and when they do it’s almost like a rush. So the kamashoetra represents the satisfaction and the many different positions hypebeast and sneaker fanatics will put themselves in in order to get the kicks they want.  Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Connect with us:
Corey C Johnson | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Connected Observations Description: I often take for granted our relationship to and connection with the planet we live on. this series is my attempt to explore the similarities we have with both nature and the things we have created from it. as I continue to grow in life, I want to practice appreciation and gratitude for the fact that I am living – and I intend to extend that sentiment to my own creations. these photographs feature mundane things, but I think there is a special type of beauty that exists in these moments in time. I implore you to make your own observations of the images using all your senses to develop your own perspective about what these images mean to you. Social Media: Instagram Website: Connect with us:
Anthony Conley | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Humanistic Description: My collection places humanistic animals in familiar visual, societal situations. Much of my influence and reference is collected through my travels through Europe.  My first image, Big Bad portrays a wolf that is an incarcerated, repeat offender who in the perception of some is a savage animal.  My second piece, Sheep on Rue Crémieux, depicts a ‘B-Boy’ on the popular Paris street where visitors come from all around to snap a selfie with the colorful structures as a backdrop. My next piece is called Habitat, The tigress becomes solitary as she reconnects with herself and nature to find peace of mind.  My final piece is called The King’s Portrait. The most unlikely of species can rise up to take the top spot amongst lions. While I use a variety of illustrative styles in my work, I chose to go with a more true-to-life animal visualization in human form for this particular…Continue Reading
Mihailo Andic | Digital Madrid 10 'X'
Title: N/A Description: This is a set of cartoons showing some things I go through as a creative. I came across this illustration style on Shutterstock and was inspired to make a series that looked similar. Some of the cartoons showed people in office jobs, working on their laptops, at home etc. I tried to recreate different scenarios with me as the character. Some scenes include me following up on invoices, getting creative block, and staying up late to finish work.  Social Media: Instagram | Twitter Website: Connect with us: