Cristina Cebrecos | Digital Madrid 10
Title: N/A Description: This series follows the narrative of four portraits drawn with graphite on fibreboard panels. The background gets darker and the expressions change along with it until violent red bursts out from the absence of real color. Nature plays an important role, as well as the complexities of the human mind. Man and nature, nature as simple and comprehensive and man as a metaphorical knot that cannot be untied, an eternal mystery to himself. The range of emotions, narrowed down to four, but in reality much more complex than they seem, when analyzing each artwork on its own.  The process is an emotional one, wherein I let myself dive head first into the trace of pencil on wood and immerse myself fully on the flow of the piece. Aggressive lines coexist with peaceful and tranquil ones. When I am “satisfied” with the product, I distort it digitally to…Continue Reading