Anthony Conley | Digital Madrid 10
Title: Humanistic Description: My collection places humanistic animals in familiar visual, societal situations. Much of my influence and reference is collected through my travels through Europe.  My first image, Big Bad portrays a wolf that is an incarcerated, repeat offender who in the perception of some is a savage animal.  My second piece, Sheep on Rue Crémieux, depicts a ‘B-Boy’ on the popular Paris street where visitors come from all around to snap a selfie with the colorful structures as a backdrop. My next piece is called Habitat, The tigress becomes solitary as she reconnects with herself and nature to find peace of mind.  My final piece is called The King’s Portrait. The most unlikely of species can rise up to take the top spot amongst lions. While I use a variety of illustrative styles in my work, I chose to go with a more true-to-life animal visualization in human form for this particular…Continue Reading